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Port Colborne is primarily made up of single-family homes, with some multi-unit residential buildings such as apartments and condominiums. There are also some townhouses and semi-detached homes available. In addition, there are some older heritage homes in certain parts of the city, as well as some rural and agricultural properties in the surrounding areas.

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Buying Real Estate in or close to Port Colborne, Ontario

Port Colborne has a large real estate market, which is fueled by recent developments, master-planned communities, and new building projects taking place throughout the city’s many neighborhoods. An increasing selection of properties, including large condominiums, townhomes, single-family homes, custom-built homes on lots, and more, are available to prospective homebuyers in Port Colborne. It makes sense that more and more individuals are purchasing real estate in Port Colborne given its desirable location and small-town charm.

Port Colborne, Ontario Downtown

Selling Real Estate in or close to Port Colborne, Ontario

As more and more individuals opt to leave the city’s noise and bustle for a quieter way of life, many of them prefer to settle in Port Colborne, offering Port Colborne property sellers a competitive advantage in the market. Many people like Port Colborne real estate because of its close proximity to important cities.

Kevin Fehr makes selling real estate in Port Colborne simple. We keep a close watch on the market and emerging trends to ensure that you receive the maximum price for your home.

Port Colborne, Ontario Waterfront

Live in or close to Port Colborne, Ontario

The location of Port Colborne offers several advantages for both residents and businesses. One of the main advantages is its proximity to waterways. The city is located on the shores of Lake Erie and is home to the Welland Canal, which connects Lake Erie to Lake Ontario. This location makes Port Colborne a prime spot for water-based activities, including boating, fishing, and other water sports.

Overall, the location of Port Colborne offers a range of advantages, from its access to waterways and transportation routes to its proximity to major cities and natural resources. These advantages make Port Colborne a desirable location for both residents and businesses.


What to do in Port Colborne, Ontario

Friendship Trail Port Colborne, Ontario

Friendship Trail in Port Colborne, Ontario

The Friendship Trail is a 16.5 km (10.3 miles) multi-use trail that runs from Port Colborne to Fort Erie in the Niagara region of Ontario, Canada. It follows the path of an abandoned railway line and offers a scenic route for cycling, walking, or rollerblading.

Port Colborne Farmers Market, Ontario Canada

Farmers Markets in Port Colborne, Ontario

The Port Colborne Farmers’ Market is a seasonal outdoor market held every Friday from mid-June to mid-October. The market features local farmers and artisans selling fresh produce, baked goods, honey, crafts, and more. It is located at the Market Square, at the corner of Charlotte and West streets.

Fishing in Port Colborne, Ontario

Lake Erie is known for its excellent fishing, and Port Colborne has several areas where visitors can fish from the shore or rent a boat and venture out onto the lake.

Lake Erie is home to a variety of fish species, including walleye, perch, bass, pike, and trout. Anglers can also catch salmon during the fall salmon run.

Port Colborne hosts several fishing tournaments throughout the year, including the annual Walleye World Fishing Derby.